With pinguins...

(it's about my job like volunteer and president of the ONG "Associação R3 Animal" with the environment police in Florianópolis, SC)

It's very nice when you are working with something that you really aprecciate and you believe in it. It's a hard job, because we are still at the begining and sometimes things are not doing well, or not exactly what we expected...sometimes you need more money, equipaments, more volunteers...but in another hand its very nice to see that we are building something. It's the first step, step by step we will make the diference!
And I have to say that im realy realy happy because i can lead with wonderful people that i can share this job and this happines and i can learn every day something different: Manuela, Patrícia, Aline, César, Marcelo, Michel, Patrícia, Hélio...WELL, WELL, Its only the begining!!!


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